“Keep It Simple, Stupid”

Reading Response 1: Writing & Editing for Digital Media – Brian Carroll – Chapters 3 & 4 


While it is exciting that Amy Poehler finally won a Golden Globe, this picture makes no sense in this context. KEEP MEDIA RELEVANT. [click picture for original source]

I felt like the beginning part of this chapter was relatively self-explanatory. You need to know your audience and direct your content directly towards them. The content you put in needs to be relatively concise as to not bore your audience and give them the most information in the shortest time possible. Also for headings on the web, the headlines must be concise, but also give a clear picture of what you will talk about while spiking the reader’s interest. It also gave us advice on how to put maps into our webpages because it can help the reader get a better understanding of what  we are talking about as well as possible directions to a specific location. Keep your topic and all media relevant.

Chapter 4 discusses more of the layout and how you should design your webpage. It is best to include links and images from multiple media i.e. maps, videos, bulleted lists, etc.. A good web page has multiple facets to it and looks pleasing to the eye. A webpage needs to be more than just words on a screen. It must be interesting to the readers. A color scheme must be used, varying font sizes [writer’s note: I was going to make “varying font sizes” in varying font sizes but the WordPress editing software is made for those with no web design experience (unlike myself who has 3 years). So that is incredibly frustrating. That has nothing to do with this topic at all. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of varying font sizes.] to show the differences in headings, titles, and the body paragraphs. Bolding and italics can also come in handy. But design can be too much and the webpage can get too much. If there is too much going on in terms of design, the reader will be unable to focus on the actual message of the website and the website will be a failure. The book gives the advice to KISS the website: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”


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Writing for the Web – Lynda Felder – Chapter 2

Felder gave us advice on how to write the passage ourselves in this chapter. The sentences must be in our own voice, but yet still semi-formal. Active verbs will make the passage more interesting. Short sentences are advised, but occasionally you have to mix it up.

Personally, I felt like most of this was pretty self-explanatory. You have to keep your page simple as to allow people who know nothing about the subject to fully understand what is going on. So if you use acronyms, it is best to give the full name when you first introduce it. If you are going to be talking about the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, introduce them. Do not just assume that everyone knows what NAME is. Also keep foreign phrases to a minimum as to not complicate the reader. Not everyone is going to know what it means.