Movie Sequels

As the new Minions movie came out this week and Frozen 2 has been announced, it is clear that Hollywood makes too many unnecessary sequels. Even though there are some great movies that have yet to have sequels. So I feel compelled to make a list of movies that I think deserve a sequel and have yet to receive one. Any Hollywood producers feel free to read this list and feel inspired to make any of these sequels. I will be wanting for the trailers for these new sequels.

  1. The Heat
    1. Just introduce a new criminal. It’s not rocket science.
  2. Sky High
    1. One of my favorite movies from childhood that died after one movie
  3. Spy
    1. Where Susan and Rayna are best friends now. Then they go around being spies together solving crimes.
  4. Mean Girls
    1. I refuse to accept Mean Girls 2 as a real movie
  5. Baby Mama
    1. You always need more movies with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  6. They Came Together
    1. This movie just got me. It was almost as if they wrote it directly for me.
  7. Bridesmaids
    1. I would like to see a sequel. But I don’t know what would happen.
  8. Hot Rod
    1. This sequel would be cool beans.
  9. Zombieland
    1. This movie was essentially set up to be a movie franchise and have multiple movies.
  10. Big Fat Liar
    1. Always get it in writing
  11. Superstar
    1. More Molly Shannon always.
  12. The To Do List
    1. Aubrey Plaza is just a gem, and I loved her character in this. I need more.
  13. Wreck-It Ralph
    1. Or even a spin-off for Fix It Felix
  14. The Princess and The Frog
  15. The Simpsons Movie
    1. The fact that they teased about a sequel at the end of the movie and have yet to make one is totally unfair. It’s been 8 years. It’s unacceptable.
  16. Elf
    1. We need another one to spread more Christmas cheer.
  17. Napoleon Dynamite
    1. Please. Another one. Now.
  18. Agent Cody Banks
    1. A favorite childhood movie that could have easily had a sequel, but never did
  19. Silver Linings Playbook
    1. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper just have great chemistry.
  20. Bad Teacher
    1. Elizabeth was just hilarious, and I want more.

Honorable Mentions

  1. The Incredibles
    1. They have already announced that they are making a sequel, but I’m still waiting
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    1. I put this under honorable mentions as it is getting it’s own Netflix series
  3. Gone Girl
    1. I get that not all stories have happy endings, but I still want more from this story
  4. Legally Blonde
    1. It already got a sequel, but I would like a third
  5. Harry Potter
    1. You can never have enough Harry Potter
  6. Wet Hot American Summer
    1. Netflix adapted a new TV series based off this movie that’s coming out at the end of this month and I’m excited.
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man
    1. I would love a third where Andrew Garfield plays Spiderman and Emma Stone dyes her hair red to play Mary Jane Parker. But I hope they do make a new Spiderman using Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker.
  8. Miss Congeniality
    1. I would like a third just like with Legally Blonde
  9. Zoolander
    1. I can’t wait for this sequel. I’m excited
  10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    1. I would love a sequel but I don’t think there is a sequel in there that would be good.