About the Blog

I started this blog for my Digital Communication class. I choose the topic on the basis on my love for television especially Orange is the New Black. All the links in the menu are collections of different blogposts that all fall under a certain theme.

CLPs at Furman is the collection of a group project I did for my Communications 121 class. For our project, we created a podcast and a video interviewing various professors and students at Furman to gain their opinion on the CLP program.

Multimedia Project is a collection of four blog posts on Orange is the New Black I wrote for my Communications 121 class. On these blog posts, there are pictures and videos that I edited myself that will help enhance the blogs. The main purpose of these blog posts was to analyze Orange is the New Black specifically the impact it has on real world issues. The blog posts will be published in the following order:

  1. Basic summary of the show as well as the backstory of Piper Kerman
  2. The issues the show raises on prison corruption
  3. Representation on television specifically
    1. Women
    2. Minorities
  4. The impact on the LGBTQ community
    1. Especially transgender
    2. Laverne Cox

Reading Responses is the collection of blogposts based on readings from my Communications 121 class. It focuses on the subjects on the readings as well as my opinions and the real-world application.

Summer Thoughts is the collection of blogposts made based on my experiences during summer 2015 while I’m staying at Surfside Beach. It will include anything from my experiences at work scooping ice cream to my opinions on new TV shows and movies.

About The Author

My name is Gar Tate. I am a Junior at Furman University. I am a double major in Communication Studies and Computing & Applied Mathematics. I like people, places, and things, and Pawnee is my favorite place in the world.

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